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Nugz Banger Basket

Nugz Banger Basket

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Introducing the Nugz x LeGrow Creative Banger Basket:

The Nugz x LeGrow Creative Banger Basket is a game-changer for dabbing enthusiasts. This branded accessory is designed to effortlessly clean your dabbing tools. Upgrade your dabbing experience with the Nugz x LeGrow Creative Banger Basket, where ease of use, durability, and style converge for a cleaner, more enjoyable session.

Key Features:

  • Sealable lid (great to keep the ISO smell down, and for traveling)
  • Two compartment split container
  • Two injection molded banger baskets (one for each side of the container)
  • Banger baskets have dividing ridge so 2 nails can be in the soak section without touching
  • Convenient handle to avoid getting hands dirty/sticky in the solution
  • Baskets allow you to leave a nail in a compartment without getting scratched on the go

How it works:

  • Fill both sides of the bath with your preferred cleaning solution
  • After your dab, place your dirty nail into the larger side (Soak Side) of the bath
  • Make sure the nail is below 3000 F when you place it in the solution to avoid thermal shock
  • After the nail has soaked, use the hand tab to pull the basket out of the cleaning solution
  • The larger basket is designed to rest suspended above the bath when you rotate it 900 F
  • Transfer your nail from the soak basket into the rinse basket
  • Use a Q-tip to remove any access oil or particulates that may still be on your banger
  • Once your nail is to your desired cleanliness, use a micro-fiber to wipe off the excess cleaning solution, and your nail is ready for its next dab
  • Once the cleaning solution on the “rinse” side is too dirty, use a turkey baster to transfer the solution into the “soak” side


  • Make sure your basket is full of solution, and that the nail is below 3000F before placing it in the basket, or you can potentially melt the plastic
  • We use 99% ISO in our bath as our solution. ISO is combustible and volatile. Make sure your bath is always CLOSED when not in use, and never operate a flame in a small room or near the bath, as the fumes are combustible.
  • We place my basket on a place mat, as overtime the solution will get spilled around the container, and can cause damage to the surface underneath.


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